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Omfg I love this game, it's so wholesome!

Thank you!

I like it a lot!
The only thing that was not very fun to me was the cats or Items basically vanishing behind the buttons, so to merge I had to first search there. 

The game itself makes me very nostalgic to those merging games I used to play in my teens, and the grafics might be simple, but perfectly hit the point. Well done!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

I found that I had to view it at 170% scaling in Firefox for the scaling to be correct. After that I played to the end.

Thanks for playing and thanks for letting me know! I think I've fixed some of the issues with scaling now - I am not sure how to get the correct settings to make it fully responsive so hopefully it works for you!

Super cute and fun! Reminds of of those mobile evolution games! Great job!

Thank you for playing! Hope you had a great Christmas.

Really nice game! I know a few people that would enjoy this. There is an issue with the UI elements getting in the way of the character sprites. You can add masking or make the UI transparent

Thanks for playing! Ah yes you made me realise that I scaled down the game size but I didn't scale down the size of the playable area. Will try to make an update to fix!

tap the gift boxes to open them.... ive tapped plenty of times and nother has happened

Sorry to hear that! The boxes that pop onto the screen (not the ones in the UI) should open - maybe there's something in the way. What resolution is your screen?

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Screen fit is messed up.  Looks fun though, will try to play through it.

Had to get it to 175% to see the text like Evo on the right side. Then scroll around to see the whole ground where the presents are. Got it in full screen mode on chrome but could really use it's own full screen feature so everything fits on screen.

I beat the game. It was quicker than I expected. It was more fun than most of the merge games I've played because the art was fun to look at. And the parallel groups of evolutions were different to the genre.

Wouldn't mind a new game plus mode that's harder and slows things down to give people more time to appreciate what they are looking at.  It just flies by.  But it was a lot of fun. Very creative cool looking characters.

Oh sorry about the screen size issue! What resolution is your screen? I will look into it today. Thanks for playing and for the feedback!